August 2017

 “Large sporting events are extremely social gatherings where people eagerly engage with strangers. For that reason, we founded Sports Event Evangelism (SEE), a ministry that uses sports as an opportunity to reach people with the gospel of Jesus Christ. At the 2016 summer Olympic Games, more than 90 people joined together for an opportunity to reach people on the streets of Rio de Janeiro. In just 10 days, our group used specially designed booklets and bracelets to start conversations with people from 106 nations. More than 125,000 booklets and bracelets were given away and the gospel was declared more than 850 times.” – Matt Douglas

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About the Missionary | Matt Douglas,  North America Missionary

Since 1994, Matt & Barb Douglas have been church planters in Australia, and in 2016, they founded Sports Event Evangelism (SEE), a ministry that grew out their desire to offer opportunities for believers to see evangelism in action and for the unsaved to come to Christ.

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