August 2018
Hannah Strayer

Abra and Boniface Sapka live in Agou, Togo, where Boniface pastors a church and Abra ministers to the women in the community—teaching pastor’s wives, discipling women in her church, and ministering every Sunday in a village about 45 minutes away.

When asked how many children they have, they reply without hesitation, “eleven”.  But only a few of those eleven are biological…

Families in the area who are unable to care for their children will sometimes bring them to local pastors, like Boniface, to be cared for. And although it’s financially stretching for Abra and her husband, the couple happily receives each child who is brought to them.

Learn more about ABWE's ministry in Togo and how our missionaries are working with nationals to support church-planting and outreach efforts like the Sapka's.

ABOUT THE MISSIONARY |  Hannah Strayer, Africa

At age 21, Hannah Strayer discovered a way to combine her passion for photography with the call she felt to missions. Now, five years later, she is getting ready to serve as a multimedia missionary serving in Africa, beginning in the summer of 2019.

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