February 2017
Scott MCCoy

“In recent years, an unprecedented number of refugees and immigrants from around the world have come to call North America home, providing an amazing opportunity for believers to do missions in their own community. Unfortunately, many North American Christ-followers don’t know how to effectively engage with someone from a different background or culture. That is why ABWE is partnering with local pastors to empower their church members to confidently love and share their faith with people from other cultures.

Our prayer is that every man, woman and child will have repeated opportunities to hear and respond to the gospel, but we can't do it on our own.” - Scott McCoy

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About the Photographer | Scott McCoy, North America Missionary

Based in Austin, Texas, Scott partners with local church leaders to ignite church-planting movements in cities across Canada and the USA. His prayer is to inspire local churches to be missional in their own diverse neighborhoods and saturate their communities with the gospel by multiplying churches and leaders.

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