November 2017

Of all of the qualities I admire about Jesus, one of my favorites is that He was, as Isaiah chapter 53 describes, well acquainted with suffering.

Suffering is something that is inextricably linked with our human experience here on earth. Some endure more than others, but no one is immune — not even Jesus Himself. Suffering drives us to our knees, and we find ourselves crying out for relief, for rescue, for something larger than ourselves to intervene.

It is in those moments that God meets us.

In my own life, I have walked through much fear and uncertainty — becoming a father adds an extra dose of that — and God has come into my brokenness. He graciously met me on my knees.

Many of our missionaries are working in extremely difficult parts of the world — places where change is hard and slow, but the suffering is vast and overwhelming. It is challenging work, but they have the unique opportunity to be a force of grace and hope for those who feel forgotten and overlooked. They have front-row seats to see how God meets people in their suffering and uses their pain to open their hearts to His love.

From a hardened and impoverished barrio in Nicaragua to war-ravaged Eastern Ukraine, this issue’s feature stories look at how God is using our missionaries and the church as the hands and feet of Jesus Christ. Please join me in praying that their work continues to open hearts — and I will also be praying that God shows you ways to come alongside them. 

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